Restoring previously deleted article from the recycle bin

Ivelina Pencheva
Last Updated: 11 months ago makes it easy to restore articles you’ve previously deleted. If you’ve removed an article and now want it back, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the Recycle Bin: Go to the “Recycle Bin” page of your help center dashboard. Here, you’ll find all the articles that have been deleted.

2. Restore the Article: Each deleted article in the recycle bin has several options for you to choose from. Look for the icon of a trash bin with an arrow pointing upwards. This is the ‘restore’ icon. Click on it to restore that specific article.

Restoring an article in this manner will return it to its status before deletion - if it was published before, it will be restored as a published article; if it was a draft, it will go back to being a draft.

Once restored, the article will reappear in your articles list, allowing you to continue editing or sharing it as needed. This feature ensures that no valuable content is lost, providing you with the flexibility to manage your knowledge base effectively.

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