Creating callout blocks in your article

Ivelina Pencheva
Last Updated: 11 months ago

Callout blocks are an effective way to highlight important information in your articles. They come in different colors to represent various types of information. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a callout block in’s article editor:

1. Position Your Text: Navigate to the place in the article where you want to insert the callout block. Click on the specific line to place the text caret.

2. Expand the Side Toolbar: At the beginning of the line selected, you’ll see a plus icon (+). Click on this icon to expand the side toolbar.

3. Choose the Callout Option: From the options that appear, select “Call-out”. This will transform the current text block into a callout item.

There are four types of callouts you can use to differentiate your information:

Info: Colored in light blue, this callout is used to provide extra information that can help readers understand the topic better.

Success: Green in color, this callout signifies a positive outcome or a helpful tip that leads to success.

Warning: The orange callout is used to caution readers or to point out potential issues they should be aware of.

Danger: The red callout is used to indicate critical information, often pointing out errors, dangers or important preventative measures.

Each type of callout block allows you to highlight specific aspects of your information, ensuring your readers can easily distinguish between general information, helpful tips, warnings, and critical points. This helps to improve the readability and effectiveness of your articles, making your help center more user-friendly.

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