Get started with customizing your help center

Ivan Penchev
Last Updated: 3 years ago

Most of the time, the default styling of our help center template won't suit you well and you may want to adjust it so it fits better your brand your personal tastes.

That's why we are offering you many options for customization of the looks in your help center which are available in our Customizer located at the "Customize" option in the settings menu.

When you open up the customizer you will be presented with a preview of your help center and a Customization sidebar opened on the right. The preview will automatically change whenever you change something inside the sidebar.

All of the options in the customizer are arranged in sections and subsections so it's easier for you to navigate around and find the things you want to be changed.

Everything is automatically saved whenever you do a change so be careful to adjust the most critical styles before publishing your help center otherwise your users may find it in a broken intermediate state especially if you are adding custom CSS.

There is no support for collaboration with the customizations so beware of having several people work with the Customizer at the same time. This may lead to overwriting somebody's changes.

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