Install the Smart Widget

Ivan Penchev
Last Updated: 1 year ago

You will need administrator rights and some technical skills to perform the following instructions.

To install the Smart Widget and let it solve most of your repetitive customer support requests, follow the steps below:

  1. Navigate to the Widget page of your help center dashboard:
  2. If you haven't activated your widget yet, go ahead and click on the "Activate Widget" button. Once you do, you will see the Widget Configuration page with the widget installation script available in the topmost section.

  3. Copy the JS code shown in the Installing the widget section.
  4. Once you have the code snippet in your clipboard, go to the HTML of your site/app and paste it right before the closing body tag (</body>).

  5. If you check your site now, the widget will probably still not show. There is one final missing piece in the configuration process.

  6. Get back to the widget configuration page of your help center dashboard and under "Widget Settings", find the "Site URL" field. There, you must enter the URL of the site where you placed your widget (like or localhost). You can enter several URLs separated by comma - for example one for development and another for production. Enter your URLs and click the "Update" button to confirm the changes.

  7. Navigate back to the page where you installed your widget. Reload the page and you should now see our default widget activation button - a colored circle with a white question mark inside.

Do not hesitate to reach out to our amazing team in case you need further assistance with installing and configuring your widget.

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