My widget will not show up

Ivan Penchev
Last Updated: 1 year ago

If you successfully installed the smart widget on your website but it still does not show up, make sure you have added the correct domain name of the page where your widget is placed in your widget settings.

For example, if you have placed your widget on "", you should go to the Widget Configuration page of your help center dashboard and add "" (without the leading https:// and also without anything that comes after the third forward slash "/") to the "Site URL" field available in Widget Settings. Or if you or your dev team is working from localhost:9090, you should also add "localhost:9090" (including the port) temporarily to the "Site URL" configuration.

Once you have the correct configuration, do not forget to hit the "Update" button.

You can have as many domain names as you need listed under the "Site URL" configuration and separated by comma.

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