What features do I get with my subscription plan?

Ivan Penchev
Last Updated: 1 month ago

All of our subscription plans come with everything included which means you get the full-featured HelpCenter.io regardless of the subscription plan you choose.

So what's the difference you may ask. The only difference between our subscription plans is the number of users you can collaborate with and the retention time of the statistics we collect for your help center such as search queries, articles' popularity, ratings, visitors, etc.

On the lowest subscription plan "Bootstrap" you cannot collaborate with anybody. You can be the only one editing content and managing your help center settings. With all other subscription plans above it, you can have a certain number of initial users you can invite to your help centers to work with and buy more if you need some number above that limit.

The retention period of stats on the lowest subscription plan is only 7 days which means you won't be able to read any detailed stats for your help center older than a week ago.

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